About Us

AMS Audio Enterprises, Inc is a manufacturing resource for companies looking for assistance with both overseas and domestic production. Our size allows us to give your business the personal and individual attention that you require when looking for a manufacturing and/or sourcing partner who is responsive to your needs. 

We are able to produce products from your design, PCB assemblies, final product assemblies, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electronic components and a wide array of custom components. In fact, bring us your idea and we will work with you to make it a reality.

  • Overseas pricing combined with domestic engineering, design, and production support 
  • Shipments to anywhere in the world direct from Asia or from our California facility 
  • Our Freight Forwarding partner has a Chinese-speaking staff so that communication difficulties are never an issue 
  • Engineering services – mechanical design, CAD and solid modeling support 
  • Flexibility in production changes and reschedules 
  • Advance notification of any delivery or supplier issues

After 30 years, we know what we are doing.  And don’t let “Audio” in our name fool you.  We have the capability of manufacturing and sourcing nearly any product you can imagine. 

AMS Audio Enterprises, Inc